The only “natural pigment” is iron oxide. The body loves and needs iron therefore, depending on your body’s need for iron, the iron particles will be absorbed quickly or slowly, leaving behind the iron stain which is generally not harmful. Iron Oxide has been used for many years and is approved by FDA for cosmetics and food, not for implantation under the skin but fewer people have adverse reactions to iron oxide because it is a natural product. I am not aware of any pigment made from a vegetable or plant product.

Organic only means that the body does not break down the pigment or absorb it.  The particles fade with time, depending on sun and light but they do not break down and absorb like “natural” iron oxide.

I recently added Fusion red to the Premier color for stronger lip color. Considering your sensitivities, I will only use Premier but the results are subtle, not bright.

Premier was thoroughly investigated, (not approved) by FDA with no adverse results. No pigment is FDA approved for skin implantation but Premier is well investigated.

Lip tissue is not skin therefore color choices are limited. Lip tattooing especially Premier is not like selecting a lipstick color as the lip tissue is extremely thin and only retains a very small amount of pigment. If you are looking for a “lipstick effect”, please don’t set your expectations too high. There are not shades to choose from. Basically there are only 4 colors: coral is red/orange, add brown and you have rust. Red/pink are blue red, add brown and you have mauve. The colors need to be mixed as pure as possible for color to show up under lip tissue. Lip tattooing is all about trusting the technician. You looking at the color has no relation to what happens in your undertones.

Red is the number one color that can react on sensitive people. There are never guarantees of color or reaction. Some take colors stronger than others. Those with unrealistic expectations are often disappointed.