By Scottsdale’s pioneer of permanent makeup…

Marilyn Byerly


“…the best in the field of permanent makeup application.”



Full Lip Tattooing



Brush-Stroke Brow



Permanent Eyeliner

About Marilyn…

Marilyn Byerly is recognized as one of the best in the field of permanent makeup application by thousands of women whose lives she has touched, as well as countless celebrated plastic surgeons.

In 1985, Marilyn became one of the original pioneers of permanent makeup by apprenticing in a tattoo shop as a “body art” tattooist! It was there that she developed techniques to fit the eventual transition to permanent makeup. She also has helped cancer survivors look beautiful again.

Marilyn uses high quality, organic pigments versus iron oxides because of years of experimentation with both. Permanent Makeup organic pigments are not only longer lasting, but recent scientific testing from the FDA, concludes that organics are easily removed with only one or two laser sessions.

Marilyn Byerly
Marilyn Byerly, one of the original pioneers of permanent makeup

Beautiful Results

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Marilyn`s Make Up Magic

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