The wonderful thing about eyebrow tattooing is that it can correct flawed eyebrows, shape brows that are not to your liking, make absent or hairless brow areas appear to have hair, accentuate the eyes and face, and with little effort, an eyebrow tattoo puts an end to having to draw on eyebrows each day.

Eyebrow Tattoo Before & After

Her eyeliner is already in place but before eyebrows and after brows with brush-like strokes. It is much more permanent and beautiful to tattoo brush strokes than to subject yourself to semi-permanent micro-blading procedures

Permanent Eye Brow procedures are my lengthiest procedure due to the nature of brows. They are the expression center of our faces. Our eyes are the window to our soul and therefore, every window needs a beautiful frame. I spend at least 30 minutes or more measuring, discussing and drawing the design before I start the actual procedure. This is an absolutely painless procedure due to the prescription topicals available in a medical practice. Eyebrow shaping is a very fine skill, requiring artistry and the ability to create a natural brow look. Individual strokes give the illusion of real brow hairs, but not many technicians use this method. Shop around and choose your technician carefully.

Permanent Eyebrow tattoos can replace, enhance or subtly reshape your natural brow line. What a blessing it is to sleep, work, swim, shower and awaken with beautiful brows!

Eyebrow Tattoo After & Before

Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eye Liner

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