I LOVE Marilyn and her staff!!! I had my brows, eyeliner, and lips done.  Marilyn is truly an artist.  I have received so many compliments from friends and clients telling me how perfect my make-up is.  When I tell them it’s permanent they can’t believe how natural it looks.

I researched and interviewed permanent make-up professionals for over 8 months before deciding to schedule my appointment with Marilyn.  I preferred her  use of natural pigments that tend to last longer and don’t turn the greyish-black or reddish-brown color that other inks do.  The consultation was so informative and impressive. Her office is meticulous, and I liked that it was within a doctor’s office…not in a storefront next to a grocery store or nail salon.

I had my brows and liner done first.  The numbing agent kept me from feeling anything at all.  I didn’t have much swelling or redness afterwards…didn’t need meds for pain, either.  The lips are definitely more sensitive. I just felt a little pressure, but no pain during the procedure.  Lips are vibrant red for 3-4 days afterwards which surprised me.  (I don’t wear much lipstick and was going for a natural look). The next 24 hrs I can only explain as the feeling of a severe sunburn on the lips…take medication for pain every 4 hours it definitely helps…was never unbearable, though. Day 3 my lips started to dry out and peel. I made sure to clean and reapply the lip ointment more often. Day 5 lips are fresh and a little pale, but within the next few days the color and lip contour looks perfect!

You then wait 30 days from the first application before you set the second application.  The second application goes much faster because during the first procedure Marilyn is measuring, drawing, helping with color selection, and explaining the process in detail.  She honestly wants you to feel comfortable and prepared each step of the way.

I absolutely love my permanent make-up!!  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!  Thank you Marilyn!!!

Jennifer P.